DIDI-WNY holds first hands-on Young Manufacturers Academy

DIDI-WNY holds first hands-on Young Manufacturers Academy

(Olean Times Herald, 2/23/17)

Olean Intermediate Middle School seventh-grader Byron Ring does more listening at school than building. He said he has maybe one class that includes hands-on activities.

This week at the Eaton Young Manufacturers Academy has been a different story.

“Here everything is hands-on activities,” said Ring, while his fellow students furiously built cardboard sleds in the next room.

Dream It. Do. It Western New York (DIDI-WNY) is holding the first Easton Young Manufacturers Academy at Jamestown Community College’s Manufacturing Technology Institute this week. Students ages 9 to 14, who are off from school this week for February break, are learning from local engineers and seeing up close how technology like 3-D printing, computer-aided design and computer numerical control machines work. They’re also manufacturing their own sleds for a sledding competition Friday.

The program, based on a national toolkit by the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology that shows students opportunities in engineering and advanced manufacturing, was made possible by a $10,000 grant from Eaton-Cooper Power Systems last fall.

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