Robotics Can Create Jobs, Says ARM Chief

Robotics Can Create Jobs, Says ARM Chief

(, 1/20/17)

Will automation and robotics create jobs or only cut them?

Less than a week after the Advanced Robotics Manufacturing (ARM) institute was announced as the fourteenth hub in the network of Manufacturing USA institutes, Reuters News Agency published an article headlined “U.S. investors see more automation, not jobs, under Trump administration.”

Dean L. Bartles, executive director of ARM and a past president of SME, agrees in part with that position.

“Some jobs will disappear,” due to robotics and automation, Bartles said, “but others will be created.” The goal of all 14 of the institutes, he noted, is to empower American workers to compete with low-wage workers abroad; create and sustain new jobs to secure U.S. national prosperity; lower the technical, operational, and economic barriers for small- and medium- sized enterprises as well as large companies to adopt novel technologies; and assert U.S. leadership in advanced manufacturing.
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