Hydrogen fuel cell cars coming to Connecticut

Hydrogen fuel cell cars coming to Connecticut

(Connecticut Post, 11/26/16) – Connecticut is poised to become the first state in the Northeast — and the second in the U.S. — to sell hydrogen fuel cell powered cars — considered by many to be the most Green vehicle available.

Joel Rinebold, energy director for the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, said Toyota is gearing up to begin selling the $58,000 cars in the state in late 2017, the culmination of years of planning and work to establish fueling stations and other infrastructure.

“Toyota is committed to having the cars available here next year,” said Rinebold, who tested a model last year. “It’s like driving an electric car. It’s quiet, it moved quick. It was interesting. It’s the car of the future.”

Rinebold said there is also an economic development incentive, and the possibility of additional jobs, in bringing fuel cell cars to the state and developing the technology.

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