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Senior Communications Advisor

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As a small nonprofit organization in Hartford, we are thrilled to have IT support from CCAT - a company that truly understands our needs and that has supported us through every stage of our office relocation.

- Robert Warren
Executive Director, Hartford Performs

CCAT Announces MORE Agreement to Demo IT Capabilities for CT Towns

CCAT will work with CRCOG and 18 Connecticut towns to demonstrate private web hosting, voice-over-internet protocol, and video streaming using cloud technology over the Nutmeg Network. The agreement is part of the state’s Municipal Opportunities for Regional Efficiencies commission’s efforts to help towns reduce costs and operate more resourcefully.

CT Named a Top 5 Fuel Cell State

CCAT, CT Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Coalition and others cited in the U.S. Department of Energy report for helping to drive fuel cell technology development in the state.

State Funding Yields Big Gains for Small Businesses

Small Business Incubator Program run by CCAT helps turn a little-used city factory into a farm and makes healthcare management a web-based reality.

CCAT Announces 2015 Manufacturing Assistance Program

CCAT will offer technical support to small and mid-sized manufacturers through the Manufacturing Technical Assistance Program funded by the state legislature.

Made in Connecticut Video Featuring CCAT's AMC

In October 2014, CPTV proudly premieres MADE IN CONNECTICUT. Set against the backdrop of such timely issues as outsourcing and a global economy the documentary explores modern manufacturing and the role of innovation on companies that are located – and thriving – in Connecticut.

Kid Fresh Visits Manufacturing Mania 2014

Watch Hot 93.7 DJ Kid Fresh visit The Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville, CT for Connecticut. Dream It. Do It. Manufacturing Mania 2014.

Larson Announces $6M Contract Between USAF and CCAT

The Story Behind Connecticut. Dream It. Do It. Manufacturing Month

Listen to the WZMX-FM interview with CCAT Director of Education and Workforce Development Sue Palisano about Connecticut. Dream It. Do It. Manufacturing Month and Manufacturing Mania.

Regional Growth Strong for Electrochemical Companies

Government and businesses share their vision for regional growth of the hydrogen / fuel cell industry in the Northeast in Springfield on October 29.

October Declared Connecticut. Dream It. Do It. Manufacturing Month

SolVilla & CCAT Use 3D Printing for New Integrated Solar Panel System

SolVilla Energy, Inc., a startup company that is developing a solar roofing system designed to function as both roof and solar panel, partnered with the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT) to develop its products and manufacturing process. CCAT selected the 3D Systems ProJet 5500X to print multiple designs in a variety of materials in just a few days.

Hear from Bob Byron, CEO of SolVilla, and Bob Torrani, Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Center at CCAT, about how they use multi-material 3D printing.

LambdaVision & CCAT Develop Surgical Tools Using 3D Printing

LambdaVision, Inc., a startup company that is 3D printing precision tools for the manufacture of revolutionary retinal implants that help restore lost vision, partnered with CCAT to quickly design a new tool for surgically implanting the device into the retina. 

Using the 3D Systems ProJet5500X's on-the-fly material mixing capability, LambdaVision printed several parts varying between hard plastics and soft rubbery material, and of different shapes and sizes within a few days. Without this capability, it would have taken months to iterate to a final design that surgeons could test. 

Watch to learn from Nicole Wagner, CEO of LambdaVision, and Bob Torrani, Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Center at CCAT, about how they are using 3D printing.

New Trends for Energy Storage Companies

Investors and businesses share their vision for innovative cleantech energy storage products and services at an investor/finance forum to be held in Boston on Sept 18.