As a small nonprofit organization in Hartford, we are thrilled to have IT support from CCAT - a company that truly understands our needs and that has supported us through every stage of our office relocation.

- Robert Warren
Executive Director, Hartford Performs

What is New in Mastercam X9

Mastercam X9 Live is hitting road!  This information-packed session demonstrates what Mastercam X9 can do for you and your projects.

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The Intersection of Manufacturing and Technology

Technology is helping to lead a manufacturing come back in the U.S., in part shaped by social media, mobile, data analytics and cloud technology.  These and other technologies are enabling small and mid-sized manufacturers to complete in ways not possible before and to break away from the industry's conservative, if-it-ain't-broken-don't-fix-it mentality.  However, with innovation and culture change comes risk that executives should be congnizant of as they lead their organizations forward.

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Tool Management Workshop

Experience hands-on high-performance tool management solutions for an efficient manufacturing process live during this half day workshop.

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AME Event--Value Stream Mapping for the Office: Hosted by Deluxe Corporation--Groton, MA

This workshop reviews the eight basic wastes in the context of non-production processes. The manner by which lean thinking is applied to information intensive processes is then explored by making use of Value Stream Mapping - the assessment and planning tool of lean practitioners. Participants will learn to use this tool to: define the current state of an existing business process; re-design the process based on lean concepts; develop an Implementation Plan for the future state model. A case study is provided to enhance the learning process.
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