As a small nonprofit organization in Hartford, we are thrilled to have IT support from CCAT - a company that truly understands our needs and that has supported us through every stage of our office relocation.

- Robert Warren
Executive Director, Hartford Performs

Keys to Sustaining: Going to the Gema-Enabling

Hear about effective learning opportunities that ensure employees know what to do and what not to do, while remembering to think outside the box and beyond common rules. Learn about structured problem solving linked with challenging goals, seeing and eliminating waste and quality-by-design culture supported by strong employee engagement. Attendees will also go through one of IDEXX Laboratories Gemba processes.

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Essentials for NX9 Designers

This course is designed for students with minimal to no prior CAD experience. It will establish NX competencies for beginners needing a comprehensive understanding of CAD application and related business processes applied on a daily basis, yielding productivity and effective usage. Students will master NX 3D parametric modeling, assembly structures, and detail drafting application necessary for product and tooling design. The Master Model approach is explored in this class and the foundation for interpart associativity is revealed in real-life scenarios. Through the NX interface, students will enable roles; customizing NX for user and site-based processes, and are exposed to NX configuration concepts such as templates, preferences, and customer defaults settings.

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Reshoring: Do Not Go Lean Without It

Approximately 120,000 manufacturing jobs have been reshored by about 250 OEMs and thousands of their suppliers since January 2010. This trend is driven by rapidly rising Chinese wages and by companies realizing that offshoring is a wrong turn on the lean journey. We provide the data and tools for companies to implement Deming’s 4th key principle of management: “End the practice of awarding business on the basis of price tag. Instead, minimize total cost.”

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Building an Engaged Team Takes Teamwork

Engagement is about a business model that is built on trust and understands that employees are their greatest assets. This workshop will focus on a business model where an organization is run by an engaged workforce, where teams have a deep sense of purpose and passion for what they do every day. By achieving this, everyone understands the role they play and everyone wins.

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NX 9 Mill Manufacturing Fundamentals

This course is intended for experienced NC programmers that are new to NX CAM.  This class will accelerate the understanding of creating tool paths for 2 and 3 axis milling/drilling centers within NX.

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NX 9 Multi Axis Machining

This course provides essential training for individuals who are responsible for developing complex 4 and 5 axis programs.  Upon completion of this course, accomplished NC programmers will have the capability to create and modify 4 and 5 axis operations for complex machines.  Knowledge of NX CAM 3-axies operations is required.

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Advanced Shop Floor Management Technology

Shop Floor Management effectively combines advanced technology with the Lean Manufacturing philosophy. Companies that have adopted shop floor management technology have been able to monitor and increase productivity (measured by Overall Equipment Effectiveness - OEE) of their shop floors by 10 to 50% within the first year. Their return on investment (ROI) was less than 1 Year. With the right tool and usage, users can achieve significant results.

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ISO 9001:2015 What You Need to Know

This half day overview program presents enough information to understand the new material, its flexibilities, and its challenges.  It is the policy of the International Organization for Standardization to review every Standard for revision needs about every 5 years.  

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AME Webinar--How to Sustain Your 5S Improvements

Without fail the number one complaint discussed about 5S is how difficult it is to sustain. In fact, many managers and companies try several times before either giving up or finally finding success. But it doesn't have to be that difficult. In fact, 5S is really quite easy if you just follow some proven best practices. In this webinar, you'll learn the 5 Key Steps to sustaining a 5S program including the most important success tip of all.
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NX 9 Turning Applications Workshop

This course provides essential Turning training for individuals who are responsible for developing NC programs for lathes and mill-turn machine tools.  Knowledge of programming lathes and or mill turns is not required but basic turning machining knowledge is required.

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AME Course--Lean Bronze Examination Prep--Lawrence, MA

This course is intended to prepare attendees to take and pass the Lean Bronze Certification Examination. Attendees will be introduced to the Lean Certification Body of Knowledge, and will review the recommended reading materials from which all test questions are drawn. The course includes practice exams and hands-on exercises to give students a good idea of what will be included in the exam and offers several takeaways that students will find useful on exam day.
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NX9 Post Building Techniques

This course provides essential Post building training for individuals who are responsible for developing NC post processors. Knowledge of NC programming and machine tool technologies is required. Upon completion of this course, accomplished Post Developers will have the capability to create and modify NC post processors for 2½ thru 5 axis machines as well as turning and mill turn post processors.

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The 2015 Paris Air Show

3-D Printing Materials Workshop

This informative workshop on 3D printing materials is a must for anyone looking to improve their 3D printing expertise and utilization.  Learn about the complete range of additive manufacturing materials and ways to maximize the benefits of your 3D printer from concept to product development and on through manufacturing. 

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AME Workshop--AME Excellence Award Training Workshop--Walpole, MA

This workshop is divided into two blocks. The morning is targeted to potential applicants as well as assessors and potential assessors. It will cover the award criteria and the overall application process and annual timeline. The afternoon is focused on the activities of Award Assessors, although potential applicants can also benefit from gaining an understanding of how assessors are expected to approach the various applicant review activities.
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AME Event--Value Stream Mapping for the Office: Hosted by Deluxe Corporation--Groton, MA

This workshop reviews the eight basic wastes in the context of non-production processes. The manner by which lean thinking is applied to information intensive processes is then explored by making use of Value Stream Mapping - the assessment and planning tool of lean practitioners. Participants will learn to use this tool to: define the current state of an existing business process; re-design the process based on lean concepts; develop an Implementation Plan for the future state model. A case study is provided to enhance the learning process.
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