Creating really great, hands-on activities takes time, so much more time than many teachers ever get. Kids like hands-on activities, and CCAT's activities are well thought out.

- Laura Barbash, Science Teacher
Illing Middle School, Manchester

[Webinar] Fuel Cells for Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP)

Organized By: The Northeast Electrochemical and Energy Storage Cluster (NEESC) and the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA)
When: September 9, 2015 | 2PM – 3PM ET

Drinking water systems and wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) account for approximately three to four percent of the electric use in the United States. WWTPs are critical facilities that typically operate 24/7, and may be able to utilize the thermal energy provided from a fuel cell to process fats, oils, and grease.  Digester gas produced at WWTPs contains roughly 60 percent methane and can serve as a fuel substitute for natural gas to power fuel cell technology.   WWTPs with an anaerobic digester present an opportunity to capture and use methane emissions created from their operations to produce and utilize clean renewable energy.  Webinar participants will learn how fuel cells convert municipal waste challenges into ultra-clean energy solutions.  Presenters will include representatives from FuelCell Energy Inc. and the Riverside Water Quality Control Plant (RWQCP).

This webinar series is designed to increase knowledge of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and applications, identify best practices, and provide information and technical assistance.


  • Ken Wicker, FuelCell Energy Inc.
  • Ernest P. Marquez., Jr., Riverside Water Quality Control Plant (RWQCP)

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STEP UP Employer Conferences

Employers interested in learning about hiring incentives, tax credits, job creation programs, and low interest financing opportunities are invited to attend a free "Step Up" conference presented by the Connecticut Department of Labor in September in Middletown, New Haven, New Milford, Hampton and Bridgeport.

The sessions will run from 8am-10:30am.

Middletown    9/10    Middlesex Community College

New Haven     9/15    Gateway Community College

New Milford    9/17    United Bank Building

Hampton        9/22     EASTCONN

Bridgeport      9/24     Housatonic Community College

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AME Event--Value Stream Mapping for the Office: Hosted by Deluxe Corporation--Groton, MA

This workshop reviews the eight basic wastes in the context of non-production processes. The manner by which lean thinking is applied to information intensive processes is then explored by making use of Value Stream Mapping - the assessment and planning tool of lean practitioners. Participants will learn to use this tool to: define the current state of an existing business process; re-design the process based on lean concepts; develop an Implementation Plan for the future state model. A case study is provided to enhance the learning process.
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[Webinar] Fuel Cells for Educational Facilities

Organized By: The Northeast Electrochemical and Energy Storage Cluster (NEESC) and the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA)
When: October 7, 2015 | 3PM – 4PM ET

Colleges and universities have facilities for students, faculty, administration, and maintenance crews that typically include dormatories, cafeterias, gyms, libraries, and athletic departments. Furthemore, schools that house swimming pools on campus are more attractive applications for fuel cells because it increases the utilization of both the electrical and thermal output offered by the technology. In the event of a grid power failure, educational institutions, such as high schools, may be used as emergency shelters. Schools may use fuel cells as an educational learning opportunity. Webinar participants will learn about the technical and economic advantages of using fuel cell technologies as a solution for providing reliable, resilient power to educational facilities, such as colleges, universities, and high schools.

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The Business of Energy Storage

Organized By: Northeast Electrochemical Energy Storage Cluster (NEESC) and Western New England University (WNE)
When: October 22, 2015 | 8:30AM to 1:45PM
Location: Western New England University (Rivers Memorial Hall)

The Northeast Electrochemical Energy Storage Cluster and Western New England University are pleased to host an energy storage forum that will bring together key stakeholders in the electrochemical energy storage industry. This Forum will focus on the potential markets for electrochemical energy storage systems and opportunities for the their integration with renewable energy sources and electric and gas utilities.

This event will feature a dynamic “Matchmaking” session with one-on-one meetings between OEMs and potential suppliers. In addition, businesses will have an opportunity to meet with utilities, and federal, state, and regional resources.

Why should you attend?

  • Learn about market opportunities for electrochemical energy technologies
  • Network with industry stakeholders
  • Connect with potential buyers
  • Discover new trends in the electrochemical energy storage industry
  • Gain a better understanding of the supply chain and regional competitors

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Tool Management Workshop

Experience hands-on high-performance tool management solutions for an
efficient manufacturing process live during this half day workshop.

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ISO 9001:2015 What You Need to Know

This half day overview program presents enough information to understand the new material, its flexibilities, and its challenges.  It is the policy of the International Organization for Standardization to review every Standard for revision needs about every 5 years.

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